Law School Liaison Program

The Law School Liaison Program was created with the intent to get law students more involved with CCYLA. Board members of CCYLA serve as liaisons for each law school that CCYLA has a working relationship with. Each board member liaison works with their particular law school's career services department to find one student to be that school's CCYLA student liaison. The board member and student liaison for each law school stay in contact with one another throughout the year regarding important events and news pertaining to CCYLA and the Collin County legal community. The student liaison, in conjunction with their school's career services office, is tasked with keeping the law students at his or her school apprised of this information.

Below is a list of the current law schools involved in the liaison program, the CCYLA board member liaison and the law student liaison for the school.

If you are interested in serving as the student liaison for your law school and/or if you are interested in adding your law school to the list of schools CCYLA works with, please contact us at


Baylor University

Board Member: Kelly Kleist

Student Liaison: TBD

Oklahoma University

Board Member: Chris Meuse

Student Liaison: TBD


Southern Methodist University

Board Member: Chandler Winslow

Student Liaison: TBD

Texas A & M University

Board Member: Alissa Janke

Student Liaison: TBD


Texas Tech University

Board Member: Dana Stewart

Student Liaison: TBD

University of North Texas

Board Member: Abby Foster

Student Liaison: TBD